Introducing: Bopper Playlists

by Greg Lozoff

The best way to stay organized and share music on Bopper is by making playlists, which group together your favourite tracks for any project you’re working on.

❤️ Means Love

To save tracks to a playlist just click on the little heart icon you’ll see next to each track. You’ll then be prompted to either start a new playlist or add to a playlist you’ve already created.

Access your playlists anytime by clicking on the Saved❤️ tab in the header.

? Listen, Re-Arrange & Share

From there you’ll be able to view all your playlists, listen to music, re-arrange tracks by dragging and share full playlists with your colleagues.

You can also download full playlists of full-length un-watermarked sample mp3s for you to test out on your content. Downloads will come as ZIP files and will contain all versions of every track in your playlist.

Get started on your first playlist now!