Hope For Hard Times

There is hope
by Greg Lozoff

Has anyone else seen that Ted Talk from Bill Gates where he pretty much predicts a pandemic like this? It seems like every 10 years or so, there’s a cataclysmic event that changes our world forever. With productions mostly either postponed or canceled, creators find themselves working from home, dealing with their new co-workers (sometimes children, sometimes pets, sometimes solitude) and adapting to a new work environment. But life and work must go on. Necessity is the mother of invention, as Plato put it. Have you seen the Charmin spot that Goodby made with a Zoom call? Yes, we are seeing creators go to new lengths to produce content during a time of social distancing. Animations, stock footage and even miniatures!

Isolation Station

One of our favourite initiatives during this crisis (brought to you by Shots.net and The Elements) is the Isolation Radio Station, featuring fantastic playlists put together by people who have dedicated most of their lives to music. Here’s our contribution from our own Head of Music, Greg Lozoff:

Need Music? We’ve Got You Covered.

We know everyone working in advertising is working on Covid-19 response productions. We thought we’d help out in a small way by providing our clients with a playlist of music to inspire hope and remind people that there is still good in the world, and we will get through this.

Bopper Relief For Artists

We know how hard artists have been affected by this crisis and who knows what things will look like once the world starts to return to normal. In an effort to help artists during these hard and uncertain times, we have decided to try and alleviate some of the pressure artist’s are facing by lifting the commissions on our licensing fees until further notice. This will make a visible difference in our artists’ royalties in the short term, while they and their teams try to make their way through this new normal.

What You Can Do

Support your favourite artists! If you’re looking for a way to help the artists that have helped you through so many tough times, consider buying their music on Bandcamp instead of streaming it on Spotify.

During this time of social isolation, every Zoom meeting begins with an update on how everyone is doing and how we’re all handling the crisis wherever in the world we may be. I’ve also seen people realize our universal togetherness more than ever before. Don’t be surprised with surprises. It will be business as usual for many people very quickly, but the world has changed and it will change again. Crises like these are devastating and many people are hurting right now, but the power of music is eternal and will always be relevant. Everyone is putting their hat into the ring. Love to our healthcare workers. Stay home, exercise, and keep creating!


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