Use Exclusion Tags
To Optimize Your Music Search

by Greg Lozoff

Mathieu Dubus is a music industry veteran that has been doing music searches for over 20 years. He walked into the Bopper offices one day with an idea that he thought would make his and many other people’s jobs easier when searching for music. His insight was simple: sometimes when searching for music, we know more about what we don’t want, than what we do want. And while we want to keep our ears open to surprises, there are certain things we know we absolutely don’t want. He asked, we listened, and exclusion tags were born. Here’s how to use them:

Step #1 ? Start A Search.

Type a keyword (mood, genre etc), or select a tag from our filter and start listening to music. You may come across tracks that are not what you’re looking for. Instead of adding another tag to make your search more precise, move to step 2.

Step #2 ? While a Track is Playing, Look for its Tags.

Go to the player at the bottom of the page and hover over the track title. This will reveal the playing track’s tags.

Step #3 ?Set An Exclusion Tag

Zero-in on the tag that’s bugging you, click the ?and all the tracks with this tag will disappear from your results. You can add another exclusion tag if something else that you hear is bugging you.

In the above example, I started by searching for “Sunny” tracks, but quickly realized I didn’t want to hear anything “Electronic” or “EDM”. I added two exclusion tags to remove all the unwanted tracks.

We like exclusion tags because they narrow your search in broad and quick sweeps, while staying open to left field creative ideas (which we like to think we’re pretty good at). Thanks again to Mathieu for making the world a better place for music searchers!

Have a productive week,

❤️ Bopper team