What Apple Can Learn From Honda: Starring Born Ruffians


by Greg Lozoff

Apple fans across the globe were treated to a interesting surprise when they upgraded to the latest and (supposed to be) greatest operating system this September. After upgrading many noticed a big, and to a lot of people unpleasant addition to their iTunes libraries. Yup, somehow U2’s new album had found it’s way onto iPhones everywhere without users ever consenting to the download. This pissed off a lot of people, as U2 can be quite a polarizing band.

During a commercial break while watching some cringeworthy comedy on SNL this past weekend, my ears were greeted by the sweet sounds of “Needle“, the catchy cut from the latest Born Ruffians album, Birthmarks. The band plays 17 seconds of the track packed like sardines in the back of a wee little Honda Fit. And here is where the lesson can be learned. Are you listening whoever replaced the demigod named Steve Jobs?

Why would Apple align themselves with a band like U2? U2 isn’t a cool band. U2 isn’t trendy in any way. U2 is what dads listen to (love you pops). Forcing their brand of insipid, middle of the road rock into iPhones of their loyal devotees is sending a message that says “we aren’t as cool as you anymore.”

Why not align themselves with a band like Vampire Weekend, who aren’t new kids on the block anymore, but are always cool. Or at least a band that used to be cool like The Shins. TV on the Radio, Wilco, Daft Punk even, but certainly not U2. Who’s next, Nickleback? Maybe cool bands don’t even want to be associated with Apple anymore, but I find it hard to believe there’s anyone Apple can’t buy.

Remember when Apple used to be instrumental in launching the careers of up and coming new bands like CSS?

Well I guess those days are done.

Kudos to Honda, Grip LimitedBoomBox Sound and everyone else involved in the creation of this ad. Shame on you Apple.