Archival Rights?
We’ve Got You Covered

by Greg Lozoff

Hardly a day goes by that we’re not asked about whether our clients have to remove their commercial videos from social media platforms once the term of their license expires. The truth is, it’s become expected in today’s world to be able to leave content online forever, even after licenses expire. So we decided to make things very simple: All licenses purchased from Bopper come with archival rights attached.

What are archival rights?

In our agreement we define archival as: the storage of your productions on social media platforms or websites that is NOT sponsored or otherwise subject to paid internet traffic.

So all the unpromoted social media posts sitting in your video vault are fine. If your video is hosted on YouTube, you’re covered. If your production is hosted on your corporate website or company reel, you’re covered.

You can check out the exact language used in our license here.

How long do these rights last?

Archival rights are in perpetuity, so you don’t ever have to worry about removing your content from the web.

Are there extra fees for these rights?

No. Archival rights are added to every license we produce, for free.

Are there any limits to these rights?

As long as your content remains unpromoted, No. If your content is promoted, either by purchasing media or paying to drive traffic to a website, it is no longer considered an archival use, and you’ll need to purchase a new license on Bopper.

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.