Don’t Mess With The Jesus: Apparently He’s Good For Business

by Helen Savage

Brand Jesus is bigger than ever in the USA, a country where business and religion go hand in hand. From mega box office hits like Passion of the Christ to the ubiquitous Christian Rock tunes blessing radio waves from coast to coast, Americans can’t seem to get enough of Christianity. And brands across the nation are jumping on the pro-Jesus bandwagon, spreading the good word about the Lord as they push their products to the masses. The faith is strong with these ones.

Faith is the new black

Forever 21, the high-street fashion chain with a devout American following, prints a reference to one of the most quoted New Testament passages, “John: 3:16,” on the bottom of all of its bags—a nod to the religious beliefs of the store’s born-again Christian owners, the Chang family. In 2011, the company also released a collection of religious-themed tees emblazoned with slogans like “Jesus ♥ You” and “Holy.” Who knew Jesus was a fashionista?


Powering faith since 1952

Norm Miller, chairman of Texas-based Interstate Batteries, is fully charged with God’s Love. In 2015, he aired this controversial commerical on Fox News to energize the religious masses (while promoting his business, obviously). He also takes to the company website to share his personal salvation story, and even invites customers to write in to him for prayer advice. Preach!

Breakfast with Jesus

Fly aboard Alaska Air and you’re likely to get served a side of religion with your breakfast. Each early morning in-flight tray comes with an inspirational passage from the Old Testament, a company tradition dating back decades. Maybe because they’re so close to heaven up there?…


And on the 7th day, we rest

National arts and crafts chain Hobby Lobby puts its religious beliefs front and centre with its website mission statement that reads: “Honoring the Lord in all we do by operating in a manner consistent with biblical principles… We believe that it is by God’s grace and provision that Hobby Lobby has endured. He has been faithful in the past, we trust Him for our future.” And, of course, they’re closed on Sundays.


Separation of church and plate

California-based In-N-Out Burger is beloved by Americans for its commitment to fresh ingredients and fast, friendly service. It’s also become well known for printing bible verses on its cups, containers and wrappers. Welcome to the Church of In-N-Out, where the faith flows freely and the fries are delicious.

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Biblical bonus

Our friends at 1One Productions helped Jesus pull off the most epic stunt of His career: walking on water. And it’s a marketing miracle.

Is religious marketing a blessing or blasphemy? Whatever your beliefs, the Jesus business is booming. Amen to that.