Spoken-Word Artist Elina Filice Joins The Bopper Family

by The Bopper Team

We are so proud to have Elina Filice join the Bopper family. She recently released her sophomore EP, “Flight Risk”, which features five songs that blur the lines between jazz, blues, pop, and hip-hop. Catchy hooks, jazzy guitar lines, subtle but infectious beats… merged with her spoken-word influence and fast-paced lyricism, she was able to capture a unique style that’ll make you re-live her stories of movement, travel, adventure, and getting lost to find yourself.

Her breakout single, “Thinking of You”, marks the beginning of the new EP. With more than 750K streams on Spotify, this single allowed Elina to get media coverage and radio play from all over the world. The single came out with this beautiful music clip that will give you all the feels of summertime and long-lost love.

Elina encompasses so much of what it means to be truly independent. As a self-described nomad, Elina finds inspiration in all forms for her music, photography, and writing. Throughout her journey, she has been a strong advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, making music and creating honest content to fight and normalize queerness and queer love. On that note, we thought we’d let Elina tell you more about what PRIDE means to her and in what way it is connected to music.

“I used to be afraid to use female pronouns in my music, but at some point, I felt like I had a responsibility, to myself and my community, to tell these stories honestly. Music has allowed me to share my stories and experiences and find pride in myself. 

Music is a powerful tool for the queer community as it’s a space for authentic queer storytelling of the experiences and struggles that are unique to us. As someone who identifies as queer, music creates a space to tell stories of resilience, pride, and authenticity, but also to share stories of love, loss, and heartbreak. It’s an opportunity for visibility, representation, and solidarity. 

There’s a lot of shame and fear associated with queerness, which is why Pride is so important. Music and Pride are intertwined as they’re both a celebration of who we are, of our own individuality, resilience, and creativity, as well as a demand for equal rights and representation.  

Bopper has been incredibly supportive. Not only do they value and promote my music, but they understand what I’m trying to achieve, and recognize the importance of representation in music. They really value independent music and are an amazing platform in their support for artists.

They have a unique and curated library, and take a very personal approach with both their artists and clients. Sync is important as it offers a viable revenue stream which allows me and other independent artists to keep making music and furthering our careers.”

Bio: Elina Filice is gaining attention for songs that defy genre and interactive live performances. Her music is soulful and melodic while being influenced by blues and spoken word. Born to Canadian parents, Elina spent her formative years in Singapore before moving to Canada to attend university. She then relocated to Dublin, where she worked extensively in the music industry and founded Red Vine Records