Bopper Launches Capital Crowdfunding Campaign

by The Bopper Team

As the only 100% transactional indie music licensing platform, we are announcing our equity crowdfunding campaign launch, which allows any Canadian retail and foreign accredited investors to support the development of a healthier music industry.

We will be using FrontFundr ( ) – Canada’s top online private markets equity crowdfunding platform–allowing companies like us a more equitable, inclusive model for funding. FrontFundr campaigns work like crowdfunding: they help startup and growth companies raise funds, with backing from a diverse group of impact investors who believe in their company. However, contributors receive stock of the company rather than goodies like T-Shirts or coffee mugs.

Bopper witnessed exponential growth in 2021. Our mission is to champion the use of indie music by ad agencies and film producers while also helping artists diversify their revenue sources and receive fair compensation for the use of their music.

We’ve been looking for additional ways to get artists to benefit from Bopper’s growth. It’s one of the reasons why we have decided to launch this campaign. As it has always been important to us to engage our community in our mission to help the music industry thrive, we’re inviting you and all others who are interested in creating a healthy and ethical music industry to join us as an investor.

In 2021, Bopper reached these important milestones:

  • 445% YoY sales increase 
  • 350% increase in eCommerce 
  • 26 international partners
  • 210% YoY increase in new users 
  • Launched mobile eCommerce

To learn more about the business or contribute, head over to our campaign page on FrontFundr here!

Currently, we can only accept Canadian investors through the FrontFundr platform, if you are an accredited investor from outside of Canada please reach out to

Our fundraising goal is set at $2M, and $250K has been allocated exclusively to this capital crowdfunding campaign. We would be happy to count you among our first investors in this round!

Details of the offering can be found at This communication is for informational purposes only.